“skinonskinonskin (1999) is a series of digital love letters sent between artists Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn.” This page on Net Art Anthology’s website details the history of Harvey and Samyn’s relationship and links to the various art pieces that came from it.

More from the website: “The two artists met in 1999, and began a romance by exchanging interactive web pages, in Flash, audio, text, and images.…As their relationship grew, Harvey merged her web practice, Entropy8, with Samyn’s Zuper! to create the collaborative entity Entropy8Zuper!. In skinonskinonskin, artistic collaboration and love are shown to be closely related, two facets of the same fundamental question of how to relate to the other. The work is a complex portrait of an artistic and romantic relationship that shows that online intimacy is as deeply felt, embodied, and full of risk and reward as any other form.”